Why Choose Us?

Est. 2010

Sun-e Management is an independently owned and operated property management service located out of Bavaro, Dominican Republic. Sun-e Management is “different” than those “other” real estate companies and property management giants that are out there in the market because we ONLY take on the quantity and quality of properties that can be personally handled. We know there is nothing worse than feeling “disconnected” from your property manager, especially when you are new to the area. You are already dealing with the stresses of the daily life, dealing with extra hassles surrounding a property rental should not be on your “things to do” list. From start to finish we are dedicated to making your rental experience in Bavaro absolutely flawless.

Rental Policies

​Reservation Payments

In order to reserve the condo, we require a minimum of 70% advance of the rental payment.  If this payment is not received within 10 days of confirmation of email reservation, then the reservation will have to be cancelled.  The final payment MUST be made upon arrival, in cash and in US Dollars only along with a security deposit of US$500.

Cancellation Policy

Any cancellation made 60 days prior to your arrival date with incur a cancellation fee of US$100.  The reservation fee minus the cancellation and processing fee of US$50 will be returned.  Any reservations cancelled within 60 days of your arrival will incur the forfeit of the entire reservation fee.

If a cancellation occurs but you wish to use the reservation fee for a future booking (within 6-12 months) for the same property, this may be possible if the property is available and as long as both parties agree in writing.  Any difference (increase) in rental price must be paid upon arrival.  A change in property selection (i.e. 1 to 2 bedroom or vice versa) will be considered a cancellation as these properties are individually owned.


In the event that your property is unavailable due to circumstances beyond our control e.g. sale, foreclosure etc., then we reserve the right to substitute the property to something similar or better.  However, availability cannot be guaranteed and in the event of not being able to provide you with another property, your advance rent will, of course, be fully refunded.

Check-In & Check-Out Procedures

Check-in must be made between 8.30am-6pm on the date of your arrival.  Any late arrivals will incur a charge of US$20 which will be deducted from the security deposit when you leave.

Upon arrival you MUST pay in cash (US$) the rental balance (30%) as well as the security deposit of US$500.  The electric meter will be read upon your arrival and just prior to you leaving.  The total electricity consumed during your stay will be calculated and deducted from your security deposit along with an exit cleaning fee.

Upon check-in we will take you around the property, explaining how things work and go over the inventory, you will then sign the check-in/check-out form.  N.B. You MUST conform to the condo association rules, otherwise you will immediately be evicted without any refund..

Check-out must be made by no later than 6pm on the day of departure unless there is another tenant arriving that day, in which case you must leave by 10am.  We will check the inventory with you and any damages will be deducted from the security deposit along with the electricity consumed and the exit cleaning fee.  The remainder of security deposit will be refunded to you in cash (US$).

Transportation Services

We recommend that you use our taxi service as most drivers at the airport are only familiar with the location of the resorts.  Our driver will be holding a sign with your name on it and will contact us once you are in the vehicle; he will drive you straight to the condo.  One way is US$40 for up to 4 passengers, an additional fee of US$5 fee will be charged per extra passenger.  If you wish to make a stop at the grocery store (SuperPola) then this can be arranged for an additional fee.  The driver can also return you to the airport for the same fee.


The total number of people allowed to stay at the property must be agreed before the reservation fee is sent.  Each condo has a limit which must NOT be broken.  If this occurs then the penalty is immediate eviction without a refund.


Subletting is strictly prohibited in ALL our condos.  The penalty will be immediate eviction without refund.


We have a NO smoking policy in ALL condos.  However, if you wish to smoke then please do so OUTSIDE the condo, taking into consideration other people living close by.  Please take your butts with you.  The penalty for smoking inside is immediate eviction without refund plus a further charge of $200 for a deep clean.


Most condos do NOT allow pets.   However, there are a select few where they are permitted.  Please check before you book on the individual condo policy.  You must NOT allow the pets to climb on to the furniture and you MUST pick up after your pet.  Do not allow your dog to continually bark day or night.  The penalty for not abiding by these rules is immediate eviction without any refund and if a deep clean is required a charge of $200 will be deducted from the security deposit.


All condos have an adequate number of sheets and towels and in some cases beach towels as well.  As there is no daily housekeeping services, we are happy to provide this at an additional cost.

Conditions for Eviction

If we receive complaints about your comportment or you are discovered participating in illegal activities; you are hostile towards any employee then you will be given 24 hours’ notice to vacate the premise.   The penalty of eviction is no refund of rental monies, your security deposit will be returned to you minus the electricity you have consumed whilst staying at the property along with the exit cleaning fee and any charges relating to damages that may have occurred.